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Music is a concord of sweet tones. A group of tones get harmonized into a ‘chord’ only when they enshrine the element of ‘consonance’. When stream-lined flow of melodious ‘chords’ sets in, the listener would feel immersed into the ‘Holy Ganga’ of soul-stirring music. The author of this Book Srini Nambirajan, being a ‘connoisseur’ of music believes in such a concept of ‘streaming melody’. Having been an ardent listener for long, he had acquired an intuitive knack for discerning the ‘natural’ tones from the ‘deformed’ tones. This had motivated him to carry out a ‘treasure hunt’ for more ‘natural’ tones in our music system; the pursuit eventually led him to the discovery of ‘N-Fractions’, i.e. our ancient heritage of ‘22 srutis Music System ’.


Hailing as he does from a family of music lovers, he is a direct descendent of Thillaisthanam Rama Iyengar, a revered disciple of Saint Sri Thyagaraja, a renowned Guru of Bhakti cult music traditions.


The author has made not only a roving study on religious, cultural and musicological aspects, but also an in-depth research on the scientific alignment of swara-sthanas, duly backed up with mathematical justifications. Quantum Theories of Physics postulate that although matter appears to be ‘continuous’, in reality it is very ‘discrete’. The author had discovered that this mandate of Mother Nature as applicable to the ‘physical’ domain is ‘binding’ in the ‘abstract’ realms of Music too! He had conceptualised that the srutis within the musical octave are ‘quantized’ and that disturbing their positions by resorting to ‘Equal Temperament’ or ‘Just Intonation’ techniques, is not tolerated by Mother Nature. This indeed, is a startling revelation and has a great ramification on our present day style of singing!


The author holds masters degrees in Science as well as Engineering subjects. He is also a post-graduate from the ‘War College’ of India, backed up with a rich ‘combat’ experience for over three and a half decades. He had amply demonstrated this skill by launching a ‘crypto-analytic’ attack on the ‘ancient mystic citadel of 22 sruti music’ and unraveling its hidden secrets! He has established as to how this ‘proto-music’ is the Fountain-Head of our present day music, whether Eastern or Western!


Finally, the author has recommended a precise ‘methodology’ for the reconstruction of our hitherto ‘lost’ music treasure, in style. However, it is laudable that he had left it as an ‘open domain’ for the keen Reader to participate in this noble process of re-construction.

Professor M.R.Sreenivasan, M.A.(Phil), M.A.(Psy), M.Com, M.L., PhD (Law)

          10th June 2006
Bangalore 85