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At times ‘Truth is stranger than Fiction’! I wouldn’t have believed it had I not perused this Book. I had come across the terms ‘Grama Ragas’ and ‘Murchanas’ several times in my life; but never before from this new perspective. It’s a great revelation to learn that an ancient world of music remains hidden in the secret chambers of these ‘Gramas and Murchanas’.
The ’22 N-Fractions’ unravelled by the author by tearing through the veils that surround our Vedic srutis appears to be highly promising. The more I indulge in understanding the structures embedded in it, greater is my enthusiasm to discover more of its potential. The aspect of ‘mysticism’ enshrined within the N-Fractions is mind-boggling. I agree with the author that our music loving society should deliberate on these revelations and explore the feasibility for resurrecting our ancient heritage of 22-srutis music.
What might be amazing to many is the fact that the author who has unearthed such ‘subtleties’ in music is a combatant engineer by profession and not a musician. But having interacted with him, I am convinced that he (alone) is eminently gifted to perform this valuable service to society with his unique experience of handling codes and cryptology in the Armed Forces.
The author, Srini Nambirajan is a direct descendent of Thillaisthanam Rama Iyengar who was the disciple of Saint Thyagaraja. I am convinced that the Blessings of the great Saint had been with him during his research work.
I compliment him for this extraordinary feat.
By Dr. N. Ramani, Padmabhushan

                                                                                     Celebrity in Flute (Carnatic traditions)